Mississippi Power volunteer group completes beautification project at Gaston Point Elementary

Service is everywhere. Today the Community Connections volunteer group run by Mississippi Power employees completed the beautification of Gaston Point Elementary in Gulfport.

In Edward Carranza’s two years of full-time employment with Mississippi Power, he’s taken on the leadership role as Coast chapter president of Community Connection, a volunteer group run by company employees. “I stepped into my role with Community Connection. I wanted to challenged my chapter to say as long as we stay involved and engaged to the best of our abilities, we will make a difference and shine a light in these communities.”

For the 2021 MLK Day of Service, the Coast chapter donated $2,000 to fund a landscape crew to beautify Gaston Point Elementary.

COVID-19 and safety restrictions limited Mississippi Power volunteer crews from getting their hands dirty like they usually do, but they were still committed to beautifying their neighborhoods.

As a member of the Gulfport community and an alumni of the Gulfport School District, Carranza enjoys lending a helping hand to his community. “Taking part and giving back to the community that raised me. I just believe that it’s something I look forward to every year.”

Community Development Representative Ann Holland tells News 25 that serving the community is part of the company’s mission. “It has not slowed down at all with the pandemic. We’re finding ways to be in our community because it is so important to our employees and the company.”

“To work for a company that actually gives you that day off to reflect on the words of Dr. King and to just take time with family and really sit back, but to know that you have people that care and really want to come out here and say ‘it’s not just a day off, it’s a day for us to give back,’ it’s a wow factor.”

Community outreach projects can be found in each of the 23 counties Mississippi Power serves.

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