Mississippi Power prepares crew for Ida

Mississippi Power began their preparations today for Ida’s landfall.

The team has recently gotten off a storm call to make sure all of the employees know their storm roles and plan for Ida.

Mississippi Power is also bringing in about 1,000 resources including line crews, support personnel, and vegetation management.

To prepare for the storm, the team reminds residents to keep cell phones charged, turn your AC down to cool inside, and build an emergency kit with medication and enough food and water for at least 72 hours. Mississippi Power Coast Division Manager Michael Middleton said, “Our employees are storm tested. Our employees are storm ready. Our employees all have a storm role. Storm roles they have been able to implement. Storm roles that they have been able to be tested in and prepared for. So, we’re ready to respond to the needs of our customers and to Hurricane Ida.”

If you lose power, Mississippi Power says to turn off large appliances and air conditioners and wait ten to 15 minutes after power has been restored before turning them back on.

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