Mississippi Power offering severe weather tips

Mississippi Power is preparing for whatever severe weather may come across the Coast.

When severe weather comes, it is important to prepare ahead of time before the weather moves into the area.

To help prepare for storms, remember to install a smart phone app that will alert you to severe weather in the area.

Charge cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices before the severe weather moves in.

Prepare a storm kit that includes flashlights, batteries, water, and nonperishable food items.

Take refuge in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level of your home. Kaila Moran Griffith with Mississippi Power Public Relations said, “Anytime after the weather, if you are out maybe checking your property, make sure if you see any dangling, loose, or on the ground power lines, please do not approach them. Don’t try to clear the area. Our crews will do that for you. You never know when the lines are hot so make sure that your children know to stay away from power lines.”

Mississippi Power customers can sign up to receive outage alerts, access the company’s outage map, and receive more information on preparing before, during, and after a storm.

To access the company’s outage map, click here.

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