Mississippi Police Chiefs Conference

Chiefs of police from all across Mississippi are in Biloxi this week to network with each other and learn about new advances in law enforcement.

Chiefs of police from every corner of Mississippi have gathered at the Golden Nugget in Biloxi for a summer educational conference. A main focus of the event is connecting with vendors and other police chiefs to learn about advances in police technology. President Walter Armstrong said, “This gives us an opportunity not only to network with one another, but share ideas from the latest trend as it relates to policing.”

From filing police reports on the go to new high-quality police cameras and car lighting, police chiefs are implementing new technologies in their own communities. “In my city we’re using crime cameras, so not only do we have body cameras for the officers, but we also have crime cameras within the city,” said Armstrong.

Agisent Sales Technologies Executive Sales Director Christy O’Neal said, “We want them to utilize that technology because we need them back on the streets faster. We need them saving lives.”

With the recent death of Biloxi Police Officer Robert McKeithen, officer safety is an issue at the forefront of the minds of Mississippi police chiefs. Pelahatchie Chief of Police Joseph Daughtry said, “When you become a chief you begin to start looking at your officers as if they’re your children so you kind of start looking at them a little differently as a supervisor, you care about them.”

Chief Armstrong believes having vendors share new crime-fighting technologies at the conference will help increase officer safety. “A lot of these vendors have the latest technology that they are sharing with us in terms of things that we can utilize to help keep our officers safe.”

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