Mississippi now number one in COVID deaths per capita

The Mississippi State Department of Health held a press conference this afternoon to discuss three major COVID topics: deaths per capita, monoclonal antibody treatment, and COVID-19 and pregnancy.

Mississippi now tops the charts as the state with the most COVID deaths per capita.

Additionally, there has been a change in the allocation scheme for monoclonal antibodies. Requests for the antibody product now must be submitted and vetted through the Department of Health. However, MSDH assures they still have had enough product to send to hospitals who need them.

Lastly, MSDH highlighted an at-risk population: pregnant women. Since the end of July, fifteen moms have died due to contracting COVID during pregnancy.  State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said, “Really important to consider the risk that pregnant women might have when it comes to COVID-19. We know it can be deadly for moms. Also, to make sure folks remember that we have had late pregnancy loss after 20 weeks among 72 COVID patients in the state of Mississippi. That’s far higher than the background rate for stillbirths that we’ve seen.”

Dr. Dobbs encourages pregnant women to get vaccinated to help protect themselves and their babies.

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