Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association teams up with COVA Software to hold dispensary seminar

The Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association, also known as 3MA, partnered with COVA software to host a seminar in Gulfport for those interested in opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Mississippi.

Many people packed the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Gulfport, eager to get started in the cannabis dispensary business. To make sure those interested had the proper information, Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association and COVA software came together to host a seminar giving information on startup, compliance, and operational best practices. Chris Reid with COVA Software said, “It’s really imperative that we all are responsible stewards. So, when a new market comes online with COVA, we like to go into that market and educate people how to run a successful business, but also how to run one that is compliant.”

COVA’s cannabis dispensary system is a full-featured tablet-based point-of-sale system that enables staff to deliver a fast, compliant, and personalized shopping experience. “People who are interested in signing up with our product than we get them on a product demo and walk them through how the software works and how it works with their specific operation.”

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association has been a lead organization in pushing to get medical marijuana legalized.  3MA Executive Director Ken Newburger said, “As I traveled across the state for Initiative 65, meeting people about what cannabis can do for them in Mississippi and it’s a very personal reason for every individual.”

Newburger says now that the state has legalized medical marijuana, the real work begins. “We are working one with the Department of Health to get good regulations so that way this is safe and effective for patients and also working with COVA who has a lot of experience to teach people in Mississippi how to do this in a safe and effective and regulated manner.”

COVA software and the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association will continue with seminars throughout the state.

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