Mississippi Lottery reels in $500,000 in first 12 hours of sales

You win some and you lose some. But it looks like the Mississippi Lottery is a sure bet even though scratch-off tickets have only been available for purchase for just over 24 hours.

According to Governor Phil Bryant, via tweet just before 6:00 p.m. Monday, the state had reeled in more than half a million dollars to fund road repairs throughout Mississippi just from lottery sales in the first 12 hours.

The first $80 million in proceeds from the lottery will go towards infrastructure and road maintenance. Any revenue collected after the first $80 million will go towards education.

The Mississippi Lottery has been more than 20 years in the making. For the last four decades, Mississippi was one of only six states without a lottery due to strong opposition from politically powerful churches. In 2018, lawmakers authorized the lottery as a way to fund road repairs and infrastructure needs, as well as education.

South Mississippi lawmaker, Philip Moran, State Senator for District 46, led the charge to legalize the lottery.

He purchased his own scratch-off tickets Monday and posted on his Facebook page, “I am proud to say that i am the author of this bill to bring the Mississippi Lottery to our great state.”

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