Mississippi Legislature back in session

The state legislature is in session for the 2023 year.

Newly elected Representative Jeffrey Hulum III tells News 25 that the top priority this year is fixing infrastructure, especially in Jackson, which is struggling to fix its water system.

Hulum also says Gulfport’s soft water plant also needs an upgrade as well as Forrest Height’s levee system.

In addition to infrastructure, Hulum says making changes to health care and improving rural hospitals are also on the agenda.

He adds that the legislature will look into updating the temporary assistance for needy family’s program.  Representative Jeffrey Hulum III said, “Over these past two weeks it has been very enlightening, and also, it’s been very telling how the people of this state want to come and make this state great in all different forms and fashions. People are starting to work together, and we still got a way to go. But we have to continue to work together on things that’s common to all people in the state of Mississippi. So, that’s been one of the enlightening things is how people all work together in certain fashions to make sure that everyone in the state is taken care of.”

It could be a while before Mississippi residents see these bills in action since it is still early in the year.

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