Mississippi Highway Patrol demonstrates seat belt safety in Biloxi

Changing bad driving habits can save your life. The Mississippi Highway Patrol demonstrated seat belt safety today.

After watching a stuffed dummy fly out the safety simulator vehicle, Ocean Springs resident Angie Smith was reminded of the day her daughter was involved in a vehicle roll-over accident. Her daughter was properly strapped in and walked away with no injuries. Smith tells News 25 she doesn’t drive off without checking her kid’s seatbelts.

Mississippi Highway Patrol travels across the state, demonstrating the safety simulator to schools and in different public places, including outside the DMV. While drivers wait in long lines, they can see first hand how wearing a seatbelt can save lives. Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Cal Robertson said, “We mainly use them in schools for young drivers and like today. Out here is an excellence place to set up. There are people of all ages here, getting driver’s licenses and this shows the importance of wearing a seat belt.”

“This is now something I’d want to see done to a real person. If you walked away from that, I’d be surprised. That’s pretty awful.”

Just last year, 70 teenagers lost their lives in traffic crashes in Mississippi compared to 49 in 2019.

Due to the 2020 increase in teenage driver fatalities, the Mississippi Highway Patrol has implemented simulators to show teenagers what can happen when you do not wear a seat belt.

MHP has started their ‘Driving Requires Initiative Values and Education’ campaign, also known as DRIVE, educating and reminding the public to be safe while behind the wheel. MHP Public Affairs Sgt. Travis Luck said, “Show drivers, show adults, show children, show anyone, that we can help save a life.”

“We have lost way too many young people last year in accidents. So that’s the group we’re targeting out here today.”

You can visit the Mississippi Highway Patrol Troop K Facebook page for daily driving safety tips.

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