Mississippi Highway Patrol begins a travel period

With the holidays here, people across the coast are hitting the roads.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol began a travel period that started this morning at 6 AM and will continue until midnight on Sunday.

Expect to see more troopers on the roads along the interstates and federal highways.

The Highway Patrol also wants to remind travelers to be safe while on the road.

IF you are feeling drowsy, stop at a nearby rest stop and avoid driving while tired.

IF you need to stop for gas, make sure to stop at a well-lit station and keep your back against the car while filling your tank.

It is also suggested to sit in your car and lock the door while the tank fills.

“If you are traveling a long distance, you may not be familiar with the area that you are stopping in, so you always want to find a place if you’re traveling at night,” said Trooper Cal Robertson. “Try to find a fuel stop or rest stop that is well lit. It’s also a good idea to have a flashlight because you may not be familiar with the area or the neighborhood that you’re going through or the interstate that you’re traveling on.”

According to recent national security council data, Thanksgiving period fatalities have risen by 26% since 2019.