Mississippi Heroes recognizes two caregivers in Biloxi

Today was a special day for Mississippi Heroes as they recognize not one, but two caregivers working in Biloxi.

Mississippi Heroes is back at it again, honoring caregivers who go above and beyond at Biloxi Community Homes that care for special needs adults.

Jessica Hancock, who is a qualified intellectual disability professional, did not think she would be rewarded, especially since she is leaving to go back home to Illinois to be with her family next week. “I’m very appreciative of everything they’ve done for me and I love working here with my team.”

Not only did Mississippi Heroes honor Hancock, they also surprised another employee at Biloxi Community Homes. Nurse Jennifer Davenport said, “I saw it on Facebook on the Mississippi Heroes page. I said that’s really cool and then I laughed because I knew one of them was Jessica. I thought I had that little inside information about her.”

Davenport, a nurse at the community home, knew all about Hancock getting caped as a hero and was able to keep it a secret, not realizing she would be caped as a hero at the same time.

They were both rewarded with special plaques, gift cards, balloons, and their own hero capes. “When you are recognized, it’s overwhelming and very humbling to know that somebody elevated you to that level of recognition.”

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