Mississippi Heroes holds first community luncheon for caregivers

Mississippi Heroes held their first community luncheon today where caregivers were able to listen, network, and talk with other caregivers as well as share resources.

Guests heard from speakers Kathy Brown Van Zutphen, a local attorney who specializes in elder care law and estate planning, and Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy, author and caregiver.

Both speakers talked about their experience being caregivers and the importance of finding a support system to help. Brown Van Zutphen said, “I think the majority of people who are the caregiver are women and they quite often don’t know where to turn for answers and the problems are just so widespread.”

Dr. Daniel-Hardy said, “Caregiving can be a very arduous journey and very lonely journey and often times you think nobody else is doing this but me and when I share my stories, I get so many messages and responses.”

Each month, the Mississippi Heroes will have a free luncheon and guest speaker.

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