Mississippi Business Women present scholarship to MGCCC student

The Mississippi Business Women have made it their mission to support women in the community who have difficulty paying for higher education.

This evening in Ocean Springs, MBW came a little closer to achieving that goal. The organization presented a $500 community college scholarship to current MGCCC Human Services student Sarah Polk.

The scholarship is given to a woman who is a non-traditional student, returning to school, or beginning her journey towards her career goals. “My son’s about to graduate next year and he was like mom– you know in order for me to move up in my job I have to have a degree and so I want to be more financially stable for my boys because they’re my life.”

Mississippi Business Women member Jackie Castro-Cooper said, “It’s just so beautiful to see women with dreams, with aspirations and who care for their children, but they just need a little bit of support for them to continue their education.”

Polk graduates in May 2022. To donate to Mississippi Business Women, in order to see more scholarships like this one be given to women in the community, email JAJones9598@outlook.com.

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