Mississippi Baptist Convention calls for state flag change

Mississippi’s largest religious group says state lawmakers have a moral obligation to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag because many people are ‘hurt and shamed’ by the symbol.

The Mississippi Baptist Convention has more than 500,000 members in a state of three million people. The convention said Tuesday that many see the flag as ‘a relic of racism and a symbol of hatred.’

It joins the other influential groups, including the governing body for collegiate athletics, that are calling for Mississippi to change its flag.

Governor Tate Reeves says flag design should only be determined by a statewide vote.

MBCB Executive Director-Treasurer Dr. Shawn Parker said, “Currently 38 percent of Mississippians are black and many of those are hurt and shamed by the historical symbolism of the current flag. For those who follow Christ to stand by indifferently and allow for this to exist, it’s inconsistent from both of these clear teachings of Christ. This reality calls for those of us who follow the Lord to stand-up and help our hurting neighbor.”

Several legislators, including Governor Reeves, have said that the flag issue should be put on a ballot and voted upon by Mississippians.

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