Mississippi Aquarium Update

If you’ve driven down Highway 90 recently you may have noticed the continued construction by Jones Park. That’s the future site of the Mississippi Aquarium as they continue to inch closer to opening.

The last time we checked with the Mississippi Aquarium they were in the early stages of construction. Now the ball has gotten rolling, planning to open early next year. President and CEO David Kimmel said, “Progress is coming. In fact, I was on the site and I almost got ran over by the number of workers that are out there so progress is happening.”

The aquarium plans to be more interactive than your typical aquarium, adding interactive exhibits all over the aquarium. “That’s our goal is to allow you to be immersive. We have touch pools here for children and adults as well. You get a chance to actually put their hands in the water and touch a ray, touch up on the head of a shark, really cool experiences.”

While the aquarium will feature marine exhibits of all sorts, a bird aviary will also make its way to the aquarium. “It’s really cool to have birds flying all around you and to have a cup of food in our hand and have a bird land on your arm and eat out of that cup of food, they’ll be over 100 birds in there representing shoreline birds and other birds in the state so we think it’s going to be really fun and a lush garden type environment.”

While we can see the physical changes going up, Kimmel tells News 25 that there is a lot going on behind the scenes ahead of the aquarium’s opening. “My team is also working very feverishly to develop all of the plans and the programs for the operations out there including our fish acquisitions so that’s underway right now. We have to bring all of those animals in. We house them locally and get them ready for placing them in the aquarium.”

The aquarium will be holding its annual Splash Bash on September 27th at the Barksdale Pavilion where it’s expected they’ll announce an official opening date for the aquarium.

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