Mississippi Aquarium releases Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle

One more Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle made his way back to his natural habitat today following over a year of rehabilitation.

Typhoon began his recovery at the New England Aquarium after being cold stunned off the Coast of Massachusetts.

There, Typhoon received care that included acupuncture and a surgery for an infection in his shoulder. In October, Typhoon was delivered to the Mississippi Aquarium for his second phase of treatment.

Thirteen months later, Typhoon was able to go home. Mississippi Aquarium Associate Veterinarian Sean Perry said, “It’s really rewarding to see how resilient these animals are and just with the little bit of care we can provide them. Considering this is an endangered species, the minimal amount of care that can help get them through the rehabilitation process and get them out there into the wild to hopefully see them reproduce one day so we end up having these species around for generations from here on out.”

The aquarium still has one turtle from last year’s cold stun season that is yet to be released.

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