Mississippi Aquarium completes successful summer outreach program

The Mississippi Aquarium wrapped up its outreach program for the summer with some stellar numbers.

Over the course of the summer, Aquarium officials traveled more than 5,500 miles in June and July, reaching more than 3,000 children in libraries and camps across 45 Mississippi cities.

The outreach program provided participants with an overview of how Mississippi Aquarium operates through an interactive, hands-on learning experience.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in several activities, such as constructing water filters, observing blood smears under a microscope, constructing paper chains for the Aquarium’s birds and more.

“So we are down here in Gulfport and sometimes people forget we are the Aquarium of the state,” said Elizabeth Whigham, manager of the education outreach program.

“So being able to actually go out in the state this summer was phenomenal. As we grow and get more support through the state, we’ve been able to do more and more and reach more people, and so this summer was really kind of just the beginning of that I guess.”

Anyone who would like more information about the outreach program can visit msaquarium.org

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