Mission Now Search and Recovery

The search and rescue mission for three missing passengers from the single engine plane that crashed will soon become a search and recovery. The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources made the announcement today.
 The DMR held a press conference earlier today explaining it will continue looking for the passengers and more wreckage from the flight throughout the day. However, once sunset hits the department will transition its search and rescue efforts to a recovery mission.The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search and rescue efforts for the three men aboard that flight at 6:38 Wednesday evening.Today’s search includes sonar usage in an area they believe is significant in bringing closure to the investigation.
Chief of Marine Patrol Keith Davis said, “We have obviously committed a lot of man hours to this effort. Our guys are very tired and we want to give them some opportunities to recuperate themselves. So, it basically just looks like a smaller scale than what you have been used to seeing the last few days.”
The families have been notified of this change and they are still asking for the public’s help in bringing their loved ones back home.

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