Missing tortoise Indy returns home

Some good news for you on this Monday morning, a missing turtle returns home. Indy the Tortoise has been handed over to his owners.

Indy had apparently escaped from his yard and was missing since the beginning of last week. Someone driving a truck had reportedly picked him up on the side of the road.

After hitting a lot of dead ends through the week, someone got in touch with owner Melanie Favalora after they saw the turtle at their place of work.

She and her husband managed to track down the truck driver, who told them he knew Indy was someone’s pet so he took care of him. “The guy that had him said he found him on the side of the road and said he was looking for a home for him. He said he was the one who brought him to the Gulfport aquarium, and they wouldn’t take him because he wasn’t hurt and he wasn’t a marine animal. So, he kept him and he was bringing him all over the place, and he said he knew it was someone’s pet so he wasn’t giving him away.”

Favalora thanks all of those who helped her track Indy down.

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