Millions Headed To Mississippi Community Colleges

The state of Mississippi recently made a move that means big bucks for the state’s community college system.
Earlier this week, Governor Phil Bryant signed into law the state workforce bill that will allocate dollars toward workforce training. This first year, $10 million will be dispersed among the 15 state community colleges and then $5 million every additional year. Seventy-five percent of this money will go to new programs and the rest will be used to improve old ones.
Students at MGCCC in Perkinston say more money leading to more equipment will take what are already great programs to the next level. Welding technology student Chaylen Harris said, “The day I walked through the door, I didn’t know how to do nothing concerning with them. Now, I’ve touched enough material and gotten enough knowledge from my teacher that I’m ready to join the workforce. By them getting new equipment, hopefully students can get done with more of their work faster because we got a lot of students and not enough equipment to match them.” Welding student Kayla Vinot said, “It would be more helpful if we had more grinders and more equipment so we can all be working because sometimes we only have two grinders but there’s like 20 people.”
MGCCC officials hope to see money allocated to them with the state’s next fiscal budget.

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