Military Affairs Breakfast in Gulfport

The Gulfport Chamber of Commerce hosted a military affairs breakfast this morning.

United States Representative and Brigadier General Trent Kelly, who represents Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District in the northeast corner of the state, traveled to the Coast to speak to citizens in Gulfport about the military.

Kelly tells News 25 he believes the most important thing our government can do for the military is to continue to make sure they have all the funding they need. “To make sure they have the tools and the equipment to do things right. We lost more people in training accidents last year than we did service members in combat. That’s unacceptable and that comes down to funding them and having consistency of funding and the right amount of funding to train and equip and to repair our equipment and not be so old and outdated. We are the greatest military in the world, but we have got to maintain that edge so that we don’t have threats from the outside.”


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