Mike Ezell is Sworn in as Sheriff of Jackson County

Monday, it was standing room only at the Jackson County Courthouse as Mike Ezell was sworn in as the new Sheriff. Last week, Ezell won a special election after the previous Sheriff, Mike Byrd, pled guilty to state and federal charges.

It’s been a year coming, but Jackson County officially has a new Sheriff in office. Monday, more than 100 supporters, law enforcers, and political officials filled a Pascagoula courtroom to witness Ezell swearing in. Ezell says, “Job number one is restore integrity and get the training process started.”

Ezell takes office in the wake of an abuse of power scandal that took down his predecessor, Sheriff Byrd. Tony Lawrence, Jackson County District Attorney, says, “I think it’s a good day for Jackson County. The last years have been long, they’ve been hard and today, it’s time to move forward. There were a lot of good, honest, hardworking law officers in this county who felt like there was a stain on their badges and I know they’re ready to move forward.”

Ezell has big plans for the Sheriff’s Department. He wants to implement a new case management system to better organize the way cases are handled. Ezell also says, “And I believe in what I do and I believe in being a police officer, which I love my profession.”

Of all the things Ezell plans to do in the department, above all, he wants to instill a sense of trust in the people of Jackson County about his commitment to the job. Ezell will serve for one year to fulfill the unfinished term of Sheriff Byrd. Next year, Jackson County voters will return to the polls to elect a Sheriff for a full four year term.

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