MGCCC students simulate emergency birth

Paramedic students at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Jefferson Davis Campus got a live action lesson today.

Twelve students had to perform a live emergency birth using a simulation dummy. The students were split into groups of two just like it would be in the real world. The simulation was complete with the mom speaking to them about her symptoms and having to react to changes such as not having time to put mom on the stretcher.

Once the baby was out, the students got to speak with their instructors about what went right and wrong.

The students who participated in today’s exercise are graduating next month and this serves as one of those last learning tools to prepare them for their career. Allied Health Simulation Director Dr. Stephanie Roberts said, “Research has shown that realistic environments and simulations help the students learn and retain the knowledge that they need. So, it allows them to actually practice using real equipment, a real environment, real things that can happen. By the time they do graduate they have that realism and that knowledge that they need in their career field.”

All allied health students at MGCCC use simulations. Paramedic students have this emergency birthing, airway difficulty, and a cardiac arrest simulation.

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