MGCCC and EON Reality cut the ribbon on new interactive digital center

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College held a ribbon cutting today to unveil their new interactive digital center.

The center features both a virtual reality innovation academy and hub for advanced extended reality solutions. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality technology and software will allow MGCCC to provide training for their students and industry partners that will increase efficiency and reduce both costs and risks.

Classes in simulation and game design technology will begin this summer. MGCCC President Dr. Mary Graham said, “We purchased this EON virtual reality software for our students so we have could start a program called ‘simulation and game design.’ We have today 18 students who will finish within one year. They will be programmers, developers, game developers. They will go out into the work force. They have a great opportunity, a great job opportunity waiting for them. It’s a high demand field.”

EON Reality President Mats Johansson said, “With this technology you can do virtually hands-on labs using your mobile device, your computer at home, and get this engaging experience. So that’s one aspect. There are also a lot of studies out there that show that if you work in 3D and XR you actually learn things better, you remember longer, and you can make better decisions as you come out in the field and work.”

The job market demand for augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality engineers has grown by 1,400 percent in the last year for many sectors including industrial automation, aerospace, and health care.

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