Mermaids and Pirates returns to Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium in Gulfport wants guests to experience their Aquatic Wonders like never before as they welcome Mermaids and Pirates back to the aquarium.

Guests will jump aboard and discover the magical world above and below the ocean’s surface with a paid general admission ticket this weekend and next.

You and your family can see the mermaids in Aquatic Wonders dive under the sea and then have an opportunity for a meet and greet.

With the VIP tickets, children will be able to transform into a mermaid princess. If it’s a pirate’s life for you, prepare to rule the seven seas after you’re transformed into a pirate buccaneer. Mermaid Lily Rose said, “You will get to see us swimming and doing wonderful tricks and saying hello to you in the water. You will also get to actually see us face to face, take pictures with us, maybe we can sing some songs and do some fun activities.”

For ticket information and the dive schedule visit

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