Merit Health makes donation to Back Bay Mission in honor of Doctor’s Day

Merit Health Biloxi made a donation to Back Bay Mission in honor of Doctor’s Day.

In honor of Doctor’s Day, many hospitals give tokens of appreciation and gifts to physicians, but Merit Health decided instead of using that money towards their physicians, they would make a donation to a charity in need.

The medical staff was able to vote for an organization that they support and that lined up with the same values and care the hospital tries to provide.

Merit Health donated $2,500 to Back Bay Mission to help with their needs. Back Bay Mission Executive Director Rev. James Pennington said, “It will probably go into our general fund, but potentially thinking it could go towards food. We have two community health workers that work out in the community, it could actually go for supplies for them because they are to be linked between the community and our community of unsheltered folks and people living in poverty and the health care services, so that might be a really good place to use it.”

This is the second year Merit Health made a donation in honor of National Doctor’s Day and they want to continue the tradition.

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