Memorial for Ranger Robert McGhee

In honor of National Police Memorial Week, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department paid special tribute to one Jackson County law enforcement officer who was killed in the line of duty 31 years ago.

With the assistance of the sheriff’s department honor guard, Sheriff Mike Ezell placed a wreath at the grave of National Park Service Ranger Robert McGhee.

On May 26th, 1990, at the age of 50, Ranger McGhee was shot and killed at the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park by two convicts that had escaped from a Florida correctional facility.

Both suspects were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

McGhee is survived by his wife Linda and daughter Karla. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “The law enforcement family is a family. And, you know, we have always been called to service and we look for each other and these folks that are left behind, they’re here to deal with these tragedies and life events without their loved one. And so, we always want to come out and show our support and caringness for family members.”

Linda McGhee Cannon said, “The community was very supportive. And of course, now it’s been so many years– it’s been 30 years now since Bob’s been killed. But I think of him every day. I have remarried. Have a good husband. Thank God. God was good to me, gave me two good men. But I think of Bob McGhee every day.”

The sheriff’s department also remembers the lives of six other fallen Jackson County law enforcement officers.

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