Memorial Hosts Mardi Gras parade in hospital

The Mardi Gras season is in full swing and Memorial decided to get into the action.

The hospital gave each department one month to decorate their best cart they could put together and 16 departments decided to participate.

The parade began at the main entrance of the cafeteria and ended in the medical office building atrium.

Once the floats reached the end, they were judged on their appearance. First place received a catered Mardi Gras lunch. Second received a $50 gift card to Fallon’s and a king cake. Third received a $50 gift card to Fallon’s as well.

Memorial Director of Business Development Ashley Comstock said, “You know, it uplifts our patients who are going through a lot. They’re in the hospital for a reason – they’re sick, and so something like this really helps with healing. It helps their families who are here grieving, so I think it’s just good for the entire morale across the hospital for both our patients and our employees.”

In the end, it was the respiratory therapy department that took home first prize.

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