Memorial Hospital holds inaugural Black Health and Wellness Celebration

Memorial Hospital celebrated Black History Month by sharing stories of the significant contributions made by those dedicated to health and wellness in the community.

Community leaders and Memorial staff came together to celebrate Black History Month by hosting their inaugural Black Health and Wellness Celebration. Marketing Brand Strategist Cece Shabazz said, “One of our missions here at Memorial is just to inspire, educate, and celebrate diversity and inclusion and unity and that’s what we did here today.”

Community advocates thanked Memorial Hospital for all their hard work and contributions to the community, but especially the African American community. Memorial’s diversity and inclusion team wanted to start a celebration for each month to highlight the unique contributions and talent of the employees, patients, and providers. Human Resources Vice President Myron McCoo said, “Black History Month, being the first program, we really wanted to go into the history.”

Attorney Felicia Burkes was the keynote speaker at the celebration and she talked about the contributions her father Dr. Felix Dunn made in the healthcare field. “My dad was one of the first African American physicians to gain staff privileges at Memorial Hospital over his more than 50 years of practice here in the community.”

Dr. Felix Dunn advocated for healthcare for African Americans, underprivileged, and underserved people in the community. “He was here advocating for his patients during the polio epidemic. He was instrumental in getting headstart in the community and providing healthcare screenings to headstart students for many, many generations.”

Attorney Burkes says Memorial is a hospital for the people and the celebration is a great way to acknowledge their team and those in the community. “Memorial has a unique obligation above and beyond that Hippocratic oath to provide care and do no harm, but because they are funded by the entire community, they have a special obligation to give care to the entire community.”

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