Memorial Hospital celebrates National Blue and Green Day

Memorial Hospital in Gulfport celebrated National Blue and Green Day.

National Blue and Green Day honors and raises awareness for organ donation.

People affected by organ donation were there and shared their stories.

Memorial Hospital took a walk of honor around the hospital before heading inside to help others register as organ donors.

Ellen Duvernay’s daughter, Brittany, passed twelve years ago.

Her daughter was an organ donor and saved five lives that day.

Duvernay was able to meet a woman who received Brittany’s lungs.

“I was kinda, kinda scared, you know, because I said, ‘Am I gonna break down and cry when I see her?'” said Duvernay. “And I did. But it wasn’t sad cry, it was happy cry, because when I hugged her, I realized… cause she had told me that if she hadn’t received Brittany’s lungs that she wouldn’t have lived another two weeks.”

You can register to be an organ, tissue, and eye donor at

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