Memorial Health System sees slight increase in COVID cases

Memorial Health System says it has seen a slight spike in COVID-19 numbers following the holiday season.

Right now, Memorial has 26 in-patient positive cases between the Gulfport campus and Stone County campus with three currently in ICU on ventilators.

Because of this slight increase in cases, the health system has decided to reimplement masks for staff only.

However, patients and guests are highly encouraged to wear masks as well.

While cases are lower than they were last winter, Memorial continues to encourage following the same guidelines as before to keep numbers as low as possible. Memorial Health System Clinical Director Kristian Spear said, “The same principles that we have been dealing with since the beginning of COVID are still to consider. Large gathering. Immuno-suppressed people need to be careful and vaccinations and boosters. Get your full vaccinations and your boosters. Flu shots are still until the end of March.”

Monoclonal antibodies are currently not approved for current sub-variants.

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