Memorial Day Blowout begins at the Gulfport Dragway

A Memorial Day weekend event that attracts hundreds of bikers from across the region to South Mississippi.

The 40th annual Memorial Day Blowout begins today out at the Gulfport Dragway. For the next four days, bikes of all makes and models will be rolling into the area to participate in a variety of races and events.

A $40 ticket will gain you all weekend access and the proceeds go back into the community to support groups like the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Ray Asgard of the Asgard Motorcycle Club is excited for the porta-potty races. “We got some porta-potty races. I ain’t never seen them because I’m always at the gate. They’re pretty good. People hook up the porta potties to their bikes and have their girls in there and then they race with them. So, that’s pretty good.”

Children are not recommended for this event as this is an all-adult venue.

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