Memorial celebrates World Stroke Day

Celebrating World Stroke Day, Gulfport’s Memorial Hospital accepted awards from the American Heart and American Stroke Associations.

World Stroke Day is observed October 29th of each year to raise awareness of the severity of strokes as well as their prevention.

Memorial Hospital was the first in Mississippi to open a stroke center in 2007.

Signs of stroke include sudden numbness in the limbs or face, confusion, walking or seeing problems.

Receiving a clot-busting drug for stroke right away is crucial. Stroke Center Medical Director Lee Voulters said, “If you have a loved one or member of the family or a friend or colleague at work you think has had a stroke, you call 9-1-1, you get them to the hospital as quickly as possible because it’s very time-sensitive. And if they are indeed having that type of stroke, and they qualify for this clot-buster drug, it makes a dramatic difference.”

Worldwide more than 13 million people have a stroke each year.

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