Mega Millions and Powerball tickets go live

People throughout our state can now try their luck at massive jackpots with Mega Millions and Powerball tickets now being sold for their first time.

The days of driving across state lines to get your Mega Millions and Powerball tickets are in the past. Lottery Board Commissioner Kimberly Larosa said, “Approximately $70 million was going across state lines to Louisiana and other states to get lottery and Powerball tickets and now all of that is staying here. It’s a great day for Mississippi.”

A truly monumental and exciting day for our state and for Coast residents like Kelly Phillips who was the first to buy tickets at Keith’s Superstore. He got one of each. “That’s all you need right. You need one to win. I hope I’m feeling lucky.”

Phillips wasn’t the only one feeling the lotto fever. Philip Moran, the senator who wrote the bill to bring the lottery to the magnolia state, bought two tickets himself. “These tickets I bought. I hope they are winning tickets. It’s an absolute good thing for the state and to be the author of it that’s something that I’ll always remember and cherish.”

The first $80 million from the lottery will go to improve roads, bridges, and infrastructure then it will benefit education. “I just want to tell everyone to enjoy the time. To be able to buy the tickets at home and know that when you’re doing that the money stays at home. It’s so important.”

With every ticket purchased came a different idea of how they would spend the big bucks if they walked away a winner. “Go see my daughter in Virginia.”

“I’d give it away. Save enough money to live for a few years then give it away.”

“A nice place, just a nice place you know to get out with my kids and stuff.”

You can tune into WXXV right here on NBC every for the drawings. The Mega Millions numbers will be drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays and Powerball numbers are drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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