Meeting two new dolphins at IMMS in Gulfport

A little over a year ago, two baby dolphins named Jasper and Adam were stranded on our beaches.

Meet dolphins Jasper and Adam. These two juvenile dolphins washed up on the beach and their mothers were nowhere to be found.

Since the dolphins were so young when they were rescued a little over a year ago, it required a lot of extra love and treatment. Stranding Coordinator Theresa Madrigal said, “When they first came in, they both were very sick. These animals, because they breathe air, we actually needed to be in the water to hold them up to support them for the first few weeks. So, when these guys came in, they were young, and at that point they would still be nursing from their mothers. So, we had developed a different formula to basically supplement that milk and that’s what they started out with in our care.”

Since Jasper and Adam lost their moms at such a young age, they lacked that motherly love and care they needed to survive, but lucky for them trainers Ellie and Ai treat them now like they are their own. Ai Maguire said, “Since they were both stranded extremely young when they came here, they were deemed non-releasable by the government, so this is their forever home. It has been an honor to work with them and to build this strong relationship with them and to be able to continue to work with them and see how much they will progress from here is an honor to be a part of.”

Ellie Johnson said, “Helping work with them, train them, everything is very rewarding. We work day in and day out with them. We spend a lot of time with them, so we form really close relationships with them.”

Ever since IMMS took Jasper and Adam into their care, they have gone from being fragile to being as healthy as can be and bursting with energy and smiles as they twist, shake hands, and fetch balls.

In the spirit of Christmas, Jasper and Adam have written letters to Santa. If you wish to donate to these sweet boys, visit, click donate, and choose ‘seasons of giving.’

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