Medical Minute 12/31/2015

Vitamin D-3

Taking a high dose of vitamin D-3, Is not only safe for people with multiple sclerosis, but may even reduce symptoms of the disease.
A new Johns Hopkins University study included 40 MS patients who were given either 800 or 10-thousand international units of vitamin D-3 a day for six months.

Blood tests showed people taking the high dose had a decrease in the amount of T-cells linked to MS activity while the low dose group showed no changes in T-cells.

Patients in both groups had few side effects from the vitamins.

Liquid Calories

If you’re planning a big celebration tonight here’s some food or drink for thought.

The delicious holiday beverages you may enjoy may be packed with calories.

In fact, experts say it would take 35 minutes of racquetball to burn the more than 400 calories in one margarita.

Even if you stay away from alcoholic beverages, you would need 45 minutes of moderate intensity exercise to compensate for medium peppermint mocha.

Some lower calorie options include a glass of champagne. With 120 calories, a five ounce glass of wine with 125 calories, or a beer, which has 155 calories.

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