MDOT Takes Safety Measures at Deadly Intersection

It’s been less than one week since Jimmy and Amanda Ward were killed in a car accident on their way to D’Iberville High School, but the Mississippi Department of Transportation (M.D.O.T.) and the state legislature are already working to make that fatal intersection safer.

Wednesday morning, M.D.O.T. installed yellow barriers, restricting cars from driving straight across Highway 67. M.D.O.T. is also in talks with D’Iberville High to create a school zone on the highway. The state legislature allocated funds this week to install a traffic light to better control congestion at the dangerous intersection.

Janice Ferguson, a local business owner, says, “I live on Highway 67 as well. So just traveling that route every day, I’ve seen numerous wrecks at all the intersections, and especially during the time when kids are getting in and out of school, they’re just so congested. And as an experienced driver even, it makes me nervous at the intersections. So just some sort of protection to keep the driver safe so I don’t have to see any more wrecks or fatalities at those intersections.”

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