MDOT: Southern District receives multimodal grants

Transportation of all kinds across South Mississippi will be seeing improvements thanks to funds from the Mississippi Department of Transportation and its multimodal transportation improvement fund.

It was recently announced $4.4 million in grants have been distributed throughout the Southern District.

Grant applications included project details and were then reviewed and approved by a multimodal committee specific to each separate mode of transportation.

Southern Transportation District Commissioner Tom King says each mode of transportation is vital in its own way and helps promote economic growth. “We could go on and on about the importance of it, but it’s just very important. We’re talking about a lot of jobs and keeping those jobs going. We’ve got a lot of ports that are very vital to our economic development in Mississippi.”

The Gulfport Biloxi International Airport plans to use its $400,000 grant from MDOT to begin the construction of an overhead canopy above the rental car lots. Gulfport Biloxi International Airport Executive Director Clay Williams said, “Air travel is critically important not only for business, people have to be able to move around the country and around the world to conduct business for their respective companies. It’s also a quality-of-life amenity to have a good, strong airport in your community. When people are looking to relocate to a specific destination, they want to know they can get in and get out with ease and convenience. And we feel like we offer that product here at Gulfport-Biloxi and we really appreciate those in the local area that utilize it.”

The ports of Pascagoula, Gulfport, and Bienville, along with the Port of Bienville Railroad and the Coast Transit Authority are some of the other transportation organizations that received grants.

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