MDOT Hurricane Blitz Series Aims to Prepare Residents for Hurricane Season

Are you ready for hurricane season? The Mississippi Department of Transportation says you can’t be too prepared.
To further prepare residents for hurricane season, MDOT representatives will be at the OHR O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi handing out the new 2015 hurricane evacuation guide and other helpful preparation material. It’s all part of MDOT’S “Hurricane Blitz” series. Learn how to develop a hurricane disaster kit, receive updated information on lodging and animal shelters.
Michael Flood, MDOT public relations, said, “Waiting until the hurricane is announced is too late. You know, we try and urge people to have their plan together now even if it’s going online and downloading the right resources or downloading this hurricane guide, your evacuation guide, your survival tips, you know, your checklist on things you need to bring with you, those are the kind of thoughts that we’re trying to get into people’s heads right now.”
The first “blitz” of the series is tomorrow.
You can download a copy of the “2015 Hurricane Evacuation Guide” at

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