McDonald’s Lovin’ Campaign is Big Success Along Coast

Local McDonald’s are giving back, and Coast residents are Lovin’ It. McDonald’s is now accepting love as a form of currency.

With the launch of McDonald’s Pay with Lovin’ Super Bowl commercial, the company is bringing the idea to life at participating restaurants across the U.S. Customers will be selected at random at predetermined times to receive their meals in exchange for little acts of love. For instance, breakfast might cost a friendly fist bump to a crew member on duty, or lunch could be paid for with a call to a loved one.

William Coleman, a Gulfport McDonald’s employee, says, "And I’ll tell you, hold your money, and I ask them a question like call someone that they love, or a happy dance, or a fist bump, and then when they do that, we give them a free meal. We love people. We love to bring people back here and we like to show them the appreciation for them eating our food and we work hard to make sure they come back."

McDonald’s Lovin’ campaign will last until Saturday, February 14th at participating locations.

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