Mayor Orders Biloxi Roads to be Maintained

Today Mayor Gilich expressed his feelings on ongoing construction in north Biloxi near Division Street, Bayview Avenue and beyond. He says he’s heard the cries of many residents who drive through the torn up area daily.
The drive home for many east Biloxi residents is through a construction zone. Biloxi resident Eula Corwell said, “It seems like there is no end to this. Somebody needs to have these roads fixed.”
Mayor Gilich has heard these cries and he is fed up with Oscar Renda Contracting for not keeping their end of the bargain, which is to provide a smooth riding surface during construction of the largest public works contract the city has ever awarded. Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “Enough is enough is quite frankly what he told his staff. He has notified the project manager of HNTB to take immediate action and let the contractor know he’s been put on notice.”
Mayor Gilich stated this in a letter sent to the firm overseeing construction: “For months now, residents and motorists have been unduly bothered by clouds of dirt rising from the streets being repaired. This is both a quality of life and a health issue. I am directing you, as the project manager, to immediately require contractors to abide by the contracts in place and maintain the roadways.”
“Roads that are not currently under construction, he wants to see either limestone there or he wants to see temporary asphalt and he wants it maintained,” said Creel.
Oscar Renda Project Manager Tony Morrow says the project is so large and they are doing the best they can to maintain the roadways. “We’d rather not be maintaining so many roadways but for the lack of efforts from the engineers, that’s the reason for the delays.”
In year one of a three year project, Mayor Gilich ultimately wants to see road improvements now for the people living in these areas to make the process a little easier

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