Mayor King presents veto at press conference

Moss Point Mayor Mario King has been under fire in recent weeks. Today, he fought back with a veto to an administrative policy change made by his board of aldermen.

Five-hundred and sixty-four pages: that’s how long the veto is Moss Point Mayor Mario King released at a press conference with his wife by his side. This veto is against the administrative policy entered in by the board of aldermen on July 16th, solely based on Mayor King’s performance. “The administrative policy and the lawsuits and the accusations that are against me are intentional acts to defame my character. At worst these are calculated efforts to hurt me and my family.”

When taking a look, the first 20 pages are the actual veto, then a proposed new administrative plan, and the rest of the 500 plus pages are what Mayor King says is ‘supportive fact.’

Within the veto he covers all that the original policy presented. The policy states a gun cannot be brought into City Hall, but Mayor King states in his veto that it has never been proven he has done this.

The policy also gave his position a 15 percent pay decrease and restrictions to vehicle usage which Mayor King says was not done in good faith. “I am a weak mayor. The board is considered strong because they have the legislative authority to fire, hire, and implement policies like this. This administration and this form of government only works when the board and the mayor works simultaneously together.”

During the press conference, Mayor King denied all lawsuit allegations against him. The lawsuit accuses King of discriminating against older workers and harassing someone with a gun. “The policy calls out me having a guilty conscience. It’s asking me to lie down and say that these accusations against me are true. It’s asking me, even though the EEOC dismissed every claim against me, it’s asking me to accept these claims against me. It is asking me to lie down and accept those claims as guilt and that’s not something I will do.”

If this veto is overridden by the board of aldermen, Mayor King says he will be forced to give a legal warning to the city.

Mayor King and other city officials plan on meeting in regard to this veto on Thursday at 6 p.m. at Pelican’s Landing. The public is invited to attend.

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