Mayor Gilich Speaks to Harrison County Republican Club

Mayor Gilich made his first speech since taking office Monday morning to clear up some rumors surrounding his party affiliation.
Laughter and applause erupted from the audience as Mayor Gilich approached the podium with a sticker slapped on his back that read in bold letters: “I am a Republican.” Mayor Gilich took it in good stride as he addressed the Harrison County Republican Club in Gulfport. He recited the Republican pledge of allegiance, spoke about his recent election, and gave a preview of his inaugural address: “I’ve always been welcome here and I understand this isn’t softball, we’re here to move Biloxi forward. I have no issues, I’ll make light of it in my remarks but we’re going to go forward and work with everyone in the state, certainly everyone on the coast, and certainly everyone in Biloxi.”
Mayor Gilich was only sworn in on Monday, but says he has already hit the ground running on several key issues facing Biloxi.

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