May is Stroke Awareness Month

This month is Stroke Awareness Month and Singing River Hospital is making sure people are informed about strokes.

Tables were set up throughout three Singing River Hospital locations conducting blood pressure screenings, educating staff and visitors on the importance of knowing their stroke risk, and promoting their telemedicine partnership with Ochsner Health for stroke and pediatric cardiology evaluations.

Stroke Program Coordinator Heather Sudduth tells News 25 it is important to know the signs of a stroke. “A stroke is sudden onset. It happens just automatically. It does not gradually build up it’s not like a head ache and then it’s the worst head ache of your life. It is just boom sudden onset. Somebody may get weakness on one side of their body, it could be their face, their arm, their leg or all of it. They may have trouble speaking, they may have trouble seeing, they may actually have a really severe headache, the worst headache they have ever had before and so those are some of the signs and symptoms of a stroke. So, if they do have those symptoms, they need to get to the hospital immediately. We prefer that people call 911.”

Sudduth says it is important to keep your cholesterol levels good and check your blood pressure as well.

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