Mask and facial coverings are optional at Harrison County School District

The Harrison County School District held a special called meeting tonight for the purpose of mask wearing.

Emotions ran high for parents as they voiced their stance for or against requiring masks in the classroom.

The hour-long board meeting allowed ten individuals three minutes to speak and share their concerns with the board.

Parents, nurses, and one student came forward to share their knowledge of COVID and statistics that supported their opinion. The crowd was split 50/50, leaving the decision to the board’s vote.

With a vote of three to two, the Harrison County School District is leaving the option open for parents and staff to wear a mask indoors on school campuses and on school buses. Harrison County School District Superintendent Mitchell King said, “We certainly appreciate each parent that came tonight and voiced their opinion and our board took that into consideration and made their decision based on what they thought was best for the interest of most people in Harrison County.”

Parent Colette Lister said, “We’re just wanting to have the choice. I totally respect others and them wanting to wear their masks, but when it comes to my children, that’s my decision.”

Parent Sandra Norwood said, “I am just overwhelmed with disappointment that the Harrison County School District refuses to follow the Mississippi State Department of Health guidelines.”

A Facebook post from Harrison County Schools reads: “Our schools will continue to take all necessary precautions to support the HCSD mission of providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, teachers, and staff.”

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