Marlinspike 2015

A maritime disaster is something we hope never happens for us on the coast, but just in case one does, first responders are staying prepared.
“We have two major ports here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and if some type of threat arises on those ports, we’re going to have to communicate with each other and respond to that threat,” said Keith Davis of the Marine Patrol.
The exercise, Marlinspike 2015, brought together civil support teams from Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama to test the response abilities of the first responders to a maritime weapon of mass destruction event. Participants also included DMR, The Jackson County Emergency management Agency, US Customs and Border Patrol, and multiple Mississippi Air and National Guard units.
"This training is vital to the safety of the state of Mississippi and we’re here today to show that dedication to training ourselves and working together to combat any threat that should arise."
They use a system called Mis-Win that allows all first responders from multiple agencies to communicate on one common network to ensure a quick, safe, and coordinated response.
Major Andy Thaggard of the Marlin Strike said "the whole purpose of this exercise is for all of the participants, and there’s 100 participants involved in this, it’s all for us to learn to better speak together, speak a common language for the specific purpose of protecting and supporting the citizens of the state”.

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