Mark Norris Campaign Feed the Hungry

Each year, members of the Southern Legislative Conference and local communities package outreach meals for the hungry. This year was no different as delegates from across the U.S. worked together to help feed the Coast.
Speaker Philip Gunn says Mississippians are hungry, but with the help of lawmakers from across 15 southern states and a long standing tradition many people along the Coast will now have a full stomach. “We are one of those states that seems to be that we have a lot of hungry. So, today we are helping put a dent in that.”
The campaign against hunger is spearheaded by Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris and the Southern Legislative Conference. “We will probably feed over 150,000 people. One significant thing about this event is that over the last six years that we have been doing this, today will mark the passage of the one million meal mark,” said Gunn.
Even though the majority of the legislators are not from Mississippi, they still came together to box over 50,000 packages that will eventually be distributed all along the Coast.
The meals and $2,500 were donated to the Mississippi Food Network as well as $1,500 to Outreach Inc. Mississippi Food Network CEO Charles Beady said, “We are just eternally grateful for the legislator who showed up to support the work that we do. Mississippi is the hungriest state in the nation with 600 thousand people in the state of Mississippi who are hungry and or food insecure.”

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