Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum is back up and running

Like the industries the museum embodies, the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum has faced its challenges and snags over the years.

But now, the South Mississippi Museum is back up and running to show and tell stories our Coast was founded upon.

Visitors from near and far have been trickling in the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum since it reopened last Thursday. Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum Outreach Coordinator Corey Christy said, “We’re slowly letting, getting people back in here. Of course, we’re following every precaution we can to make it safe. We have a big space, so social distancing is very easy here. We also have Bay Pest come and spray once a week with their COVID-19 treatment. We have sanitizer available. We’re doing everything we can to make it a safe environment for people.”

Walking through the museum is like sailing through time, going back hundreds of years, getting a true taste of the characters and industries our Mississippi Gulf Coast was built upon and much more. “You can learn a lot. We’re not just seafood and maritime. We’re the entire history of the coast. Kids love these boats. You can see this one behind me here. We have plenty of them here. Kids just love looking at the boats.”

And the museum isn’t all that’s open, you can also catch a ride on one of the historic Biloxi schooners. “They’re exact replicas of what would have been used in the heyday of the pre-1930s here on the Coast. Our captain does a great job of giving explanations, tells you how everything was used. You actually go on a sail. We do have a motor on the boat, but we sail you south of Deer Island. It’s a great experience.”

Whether you decide to explore by land or sea, history is waiting in the wings and open for all who would like to take a stroll back in time to learn more about the different threads that make up the overall history of our Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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