Marine Mammals Wish list

Kids aren’t the only ones with wish lists this Christmas. The marine mammals and birds at IMMS have a wish list of their own this holiday season.
Apollo is one of the dolphins at the Institute of Marine Mammal Studies hoping to score some new toys this holiday season. His trainer, Alison Goetz, has rounded up a wish list of both fun and practical items that the mammals and birds at IMMS need most. “The season of giving tree is an opportunity for guests to directly impact the animals’ lives. Toys are very important for our animals’ lives because it helps create an environment where they can challenge themselves mentally and physically. In other words, it gives them something fun to play with so that they can have fun and that’s very important for their health.”
The items can be bought through their ‘season of giving’ list on Amazon or through their ‘season of giving’ tree located in their gift shop. The tree is filled with paper ornaments that state the item and price of individual items the animals need. Guests can pick out the ornament that fits their price range and take it straight to the cashier to make their donation. “So we have a variety of items on our wish list, anything from basketballs to bigger things, like sleds and bubble makers and things like that.”
Even a small gift from the wish list goes a long way. Staff at IMMS wants everyone to know just how truly grateful they are for the donations. Program Guide Hannah Schulz said, “We look at the animals here as children, our children, so the fact that people want to help take care of our children is awesome.” “Really any donation you can provide would help greatly.”

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