Margaritaville’s Paradise Pier is in the works in Biloxi

Margaritaville is about to get a lot more fun with these new additions.

If you have noticed some construction near Margaritaville, it’s because Paradise Pier is on its way.

Paradise Pier will have three new attractions which will include an observation wheel, an arrow bar, and a roller coaster.

Not to be confused with a Ferris wheel, an observation wheel is much bigger and includes 20 enclosed gondolas, allowing Margaritaville to offer heated or cooled compartments as the weather dictates.

Once the arrow bar and the roller coaster are complete, Paradise Pier will be open to the public. Lodging and Leisure Investment Marketing Officer Tessy Lambert said, “Things are continuously moving forward here at Paradise Pier, we actually have a name for our new wheel that we’re bringing to the coast. Behind me is the Biloxi Tide Turner and we named the wheel that because we believe the significance that this wheel will bring to our coastal community here and what it will do for tourism here in Mississippi.”

Margaritaville does not have a confirmed opening date for Paradise Pier. We are told it will not be this summer.

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